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By Stephen Barath (anonymous) | Posted October 07, 2015 at 08:56:01 in reply to Comment 114098

My limited experience driving on Dundurn is different than yours- besides the occasional slowdown on Dundurn South for left-turners, it proceeds quickly at pretty much all hours as far as I can tell. It's unpleasant by bicycle because the lanes are inadequate, and unpleasant on foot because a)the sidewalks are not buffered from traffic by anything most of the way; and b)there are plenty of conflict points with impatient drivers. Many of these were specifically identified as issues by residents in the Kirkendall Traffic Management studies- drivers failing to observe the stop sign at Charlton before zooming onto Dundurn; drivers being impatient at the LCBO and Beer Store parking lots.

I think your observation that much of the traffic on Dundurn is bound for Aberdeen and Beckett Drive is correct. In the morning, the reverse is true, and traffic comes all the way down Charlton to use Dundurn to proceed to the west end.

You're also right that Dundurn needs to be made more difficult for cut-through-traffic to use. I understand it can't be given the same treatment as Locke, but there should be some crossing in the 700 meter gap between the lights at Herkimer and those at Main. You're right: the highway is right there. Cars should be using it, except for a very few residents near the edge of the mountain for whom Aberdeen and Beckett actually make logical sense.

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