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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted October 09, 2015 at 19:57:36

A little birdy told me that the whole works so to speak is being held up by CN right now! To answer the question, any new track layout from a GO Station perspective is actually designed by GO/Metrolinx itself and then sent to CN Track Infrastructure/Planning for approval. CN had a bad last quarter, and the next one doesn't look better. My guess is that, anything that GO wants will eventually be approved. Remember it is CN's track! They can take as long as they want. They may need GO Transit's track space leasing money however, any new track plan that affects their through running of freight trains can take no fewer than 8-12 months to negotiate, mainly due to engineer and conductor schedule positions. That line will require at least a #10-#12 diverging mainline turnout from the station track to the GO through running track. So if negotiations are not already happening, it will need to begin soon for any new changes for 2017 to be in place.

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