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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted October 10, 2015 at 10:27:09 in reply to Comment 114212

It's in our interests, even as residents, to keep a good relationship with CN. Without either CN/CP, there would be zero GO trains to Hamilton. Also, there is federal protection for mainline corridors as well.

That said, clout is definitely important -- a letter from a leader can make a big impact. Mayor Fred wrote email to thank me for writing this article. I've replied politely suggesting writing a letter to CN/Metrolinx, reminding these parties of the importance of expediting this element. Even slightly.

I also wrote that a 1-week delay can mean a 1-year bump to service, due to the only-2-times-a-year timetable changes. (whether 2016->2017 or 2017->2018 bump)

Due to this factor, this is a large impact from minor actions by everyone.

GO-network-wide for the entirety of GTHA, several of us have researched, it's currently one of the biggest uncompleted upgrades to GO servicing capability for the smallest amount of work (albiet with very, very complex inter-agency co-ordination. Minor single-employee actions counts bigger than usual for this situation).

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