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By DowntownInHamilton (registered) | Posted October 12, 2015 at 09:02:41 in reply to Comment 114220

My ears are burning... :)

I don't use sock puppets, why need to? I get enough love here under my own screen name.

you care about is maximizing your own convenience, no matter how much harm is done to people in the communities you cut through and no matter how easy it would be to make the streets safer while still allowing you to drive through at a reasonable speed.

No, I don't care about maximizing my own convenience, although I do benefit from what benefits the majority of people in our community - safe, efficient means of getting from A to B in a reasonable amount of time. Plenty of people commute in our city, and we're becoming more and more of a bedroom community. Having an inefficient means of getting people to where they need to go is not helpful, it's harmful.

Having stated this many times before, I don't recall a time feeling unsafe walking along many of our major thoroughfares, like King, Main, James, Dundurn, John, and York - even if some of your more sensitive groups feel that way.

Also, as stated before, better enforcement of rules already on the books is cheaper and easier than spending more money we don't have to help your vision of perceived fault with some of these things.

If you want your pet projects to see the light of day, then attract business and grow your tax base. What do businesses want? They want things like easy access to their store/plant/warehouse/etc., they want land that's affordable, they want easy access to major roads and highways. Playing on the phony tugs of the heartstrings of "won't somebody think of the children/residents/community" to try and get your vision pushed through doesn't work with City Hall, EcDev, or the residents who don't work in the city but do reside, contribute and make up our city.

Perhaps it's time you stop thinking about you and your vision for the city.

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