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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted October 13, 2015 at 11:09:17 in reply to Comment 114226

"Yes, it is a no-brainer. Do you think that the brainless powers-that-be will nix it, anyway? "

It is very easy to be skeptical; but I would like to say I have optimism here.

My opinion is that the Niagara Stop is definitely going to happen. The question is when: 2016, 2017, 2018... This article, simultaneously doubling as an open letter, aims to try to bring the stop sooner.

"You're going to censor this one too, aren't you?"

It's a reader-operated mechanism. There's arrow buttons underneath your post. If enough confirmed registered readers click the "down" button, your post disappear. If this happened to your earlier posts -- then readers were probably clicking the downvote button on your post? Downvote buttons on posts. This causes the posts to fade slowly to grey until they disappear completely (when they get enough downvotes, with zero upvotes). It's not like the censorship system of another major newssite's comments section. It's not moderator-operated censorship. Instead, it's an audience-operated mechanism. Anonymous posts also seem to have a lower disappearance threshold. If a huge many readers downvotes your post, it fades to white and disappears.

For that record, I have not clicked your downvote button. Your first line of text is useful to reply to (for the context of other readers) to as it is a common and understandable sentiment by some Hamilton residents. However, it would be appreciated that a little less resentment is in your posts.

Negative sentiments needs to be nuanced as if you were talking to a family member, e.g. "In my opinion, I am dissapointed in..." instead of saying things "I ---- hate this city politicans, they never...". Such assertions are usually unhelpful and often invites a flurry of downvotes by other readers. Because it is other readers that votedown to cause posts to become lighter-and-lighter gray until they disappear to white.

We're all in this together; as Hamiltonians. Let's work together!

Cheers, Mark Rejhon

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