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By Statistics (anonymous) | Posted October 13, 2015 at 13:32:43 in reply to Comment 114240

You guys are talking apples and oranges allover the place.

5 deaths for pedestrians is not really relevant to 3,000 automobile injuries. Compare the same things for heaven's sake.

One of you is talking about rates and the other about overall lifetime risks.

The point here was about pedestrian risks.

(1-5/520,000)^80 is .992% meaning you have less than 1% chance of being killed in your lifetime as a pedestrian in Hamilton.
(1-250/520)^80 is .962 which is statistically very similar @4% of being injured as a pedestrian

So you have a 1% lifetime chance of being killed and 3.8% chance of being injured as a pedestrian.

You also have a 138/100,000 for Ontario and a annual rate which is not high on the death rate scale

The statistics guys point was 0x0=0 I took that as meaning that differences between Hamilton and other municipalities is statistically insignificant. If its 5/520000 in Hamilton and 2/100,000 in wherever, the differences are negligible.

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