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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted October 13, 2015 at 15:55:16 in reply to Comment 114249

But it is statistically more dangerous according the SPRC research

The pedestrian injury rate in Hamilton is at least 35% higher than the Ontario average (and 45-81% higher for cyclists). That is a huge difference!

To put this in concrete terms, if Hamilton had at least an average pedestrian injury rate (not even lowest) we would have 65 fewer injured pedestrians each and every year. This is not negligible. Isn't it worth trying to improve Hamilton's streets to save 65 fewer pedestrian injuries, especially if it saves motorist and cyclist injuries into the bargain?

Even considering pedestrian fatalities alone (which is less statistically significant than injuries since the numbers are much lower), although Hamilton's rate is similar to London and less than Windsor, it is still about twice as high as Toronto and more than twice as high as Ottawa. If we had Ottawa's rate then we could expect 2-3 fewer pedestrian deaths each and every year.

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