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By CharlesBall (registered) | Posted October 19, 2015 at 10:11:54 in reply to Comment 114298

I live near Queen and Aberdeen and walk to work 50% of the time, More in warm weather)I walk down Queen usually from about Herkimer North

I also drive down Markland turning left at Queen frequently.

I have lived there 21 years.

When I walk home at night, Queen is stop and go from Aberdeen to Herkimer at the very least and sometimes all the way to Charlton. This is daily and sometimes it is worse like a couple of weeks ago when the traffic was blocked by some construction. If you try to turn left from Markland on to Queen you need a kind soul to let you get over which usually happens because the cars are stopped for significant periods of time.

I have never seen the traffic move southbound freely at that time of day.

Traffic from Aberdeen Eastbound turning on to Queen is better.

Mornings are busy such that Queen Northbound is always backed up to Beckett.

Jason is correct from what I can see that Beckett is always moving save and except 403 closure days and when there is construction or an accident. But that is irrelevant because you end up stopped at Queen if you are going Westbound.

Beckett moves way better than the James street hill which is a disaster ever since they changed the traffic patterns around St Joe's. It is a route to be avoided at almost all costs and may be a reason why people go down Beckett and across Herkimer through Durand.

Maybe you guys are talking apples and oranges or maybe one of you is being disingenuous.

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