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By CP (anonymous) | Posted November 23, 2015 at 17:10:43

Thank you for bringing some attention to this issue.

I worked for 10+ years for a non-profits (some very large, national, very recognizable organizations) where I never once had benefits, worked a string of contract, casual, and part-time positions, was regularly asked to "volunteer" my hours, and sometimes would go months between paycheques. None of these types of positions offered benefits. Worse was working 24/7 without regular schedules, being called in at the last minute, working 44+ hours per week and being cheated out of overtime. Myself, and my colleagues, regularly put our lives and health at risk for sub-par pay.

Despite my education, I've taken a "lesser" job as a receptionist where I get paid for the work I do (and my salary is far better than the pennies I was making in non-profits), I have benefits, I get regular breaks, I am not asked to volunteer, my life isn't at risk, and I work a regular schedule. I will never go back to working in a non-profit.

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