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By JasonL (registered) | Posted November 24, 2015 at 14:11:14

I wrote a couple of years ago about this stretch and another similar one: Cannon between Ottawa and Gage. Not quite as many businesses on Cannon, but enough to kickstart a neighbourhood hub. Unfortunately, city hall doesn't see streets as places of commerce. Only traffic.

The recent changes along Cannon are better than 4 full lanes, but not by much. Cannon would have benefited from receiving the identical cross-section as Dundurn South. Ironically, that is exactly what was done on Cannon, east of Ottawa, where there are no businesses. Traffic volumes are identical, and much lower than Upper Wellington.

Upper Wellington would make sense to me to function with curb parking on both sides and 1 travel lane each way. At signalized intersections a couple parking spots can be removed in order to create two through lanes at stop-lights. Parking could be restricted northbound from 7-9am and southbound from 4-6pm. The rest of the day this could become a well-functioning neighbourhood corridor.

The GIF comparison to Locke South is fantastic. Goes to show that many more neighbourhood could be 'walkable' if we would simply design the streets to encourage walking.

SE Belmont in Portland is a decent comparison. 4 lanes way back when, now with parking on both sides. It has become a walkable neighbourhood hub.

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