Comment 115053

By Nygil (anonymous) | Posted November 25, 2015 at 11:42:16 in reply to Comment 115052

Nearly the same happened to me, though I am a little more happy to blame the driver than the streets it is also clear that the street set up is partly to blame.

Walking across the street on King and one of the smaller streets near Dundurn (I forget the name) I had an older man drive right into/at me while I was crossing the street. I was walking from the opposite direction of traffic, so he was just staring Right while I came from the left. While I was RIGHT in front of his car he started to drive... did not even look forward. I ended up doing a little hop so that my butt landed on the hood of his car and took a ride for a few feet before he noticed. He stopped, I scrambled off and finished crossing the street. The weirdest part was that he did not speak to me, stop, or anything. He just glared like I had nearly run HIM over, then he drove off leaving me bewildered.

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