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By CharlesBall (registered) | Posted November 25, 2015 at 13:11:05

This is a major problem in Ontario and largely driven by the insurance industry.

Even though the Highway Traffic Act creates a reverse onus in car/pedestrian collisions, the industry routinely seeks a reduction in damages due to what they say is "contributory negligence." To add insult to injury, you cannot sue unless you have a permanent and serious injury, whatever that means, and you are now subject to a deductible - a gift to the insurance industry - of $36,000.00 for each claim indexed every year to inflation.

On top of that, drivers are required to carry insurance to pay for the medical care of people they harm. That has been reduced to $3500.00 in 95% of accidents in Ontario and halved for the balance as of September this year.

So. A drunk driver exiting a parking lot runs you over, and breaks your leg. He says it's your fault. Then he says your leg is healed so he doesn't have to pay anything at all. Then he says even if he does have to pay, you have to give him $36,000.00. Nice law.

Who here votes Liberal?

You want to effect change. Make the driver responsible for what he does. In life, people who are held accountable for what they do generally try not to do bad things.

This situation is outrageous and getting worse all the time. So long as you let drivers suffer no consequence, this will continue.

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