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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted November 26, 2015 at 22:48:03 in reply to Comment 115136

Mr. Veri, even if your details are correct, it's still inappropriate because there can be an eventual A-Line LRT extension to St. Joseph hospital.

A-Line LRT extension

And yes, action is happening on this front -- Jason Farr actually already has a pending motion on asking for these A-Line extension funds.

This can be extended immediately right after B-Line completion. Look at more similar sized cities to ours than Toronto: Kitchener-Waterloo is planning Phase 2 while under their LRT is under construction, and Ottawa is also working on Stage 2 while their LRT is under construction. An incremental A-Line extension can begin construction immediately after the initial B-Line. The Toronto defeatist "build-once-and-forget" attitude should not permeate Hamilton LRT, but the "can-do" incremental extensions of other cities. Even Calgary LRT has successfully been having incremental extensions for the last 30 years.

Then St. Joes is just a simple short LRT hop; freeing up parking and making hospital access easier. With much easier transit access, fewer people would need to drive to the hospital.

Your parking lot is now potentially subject to the new transit-oriented development moratorium, and I'll bring this to Jason Farr's attention, to make sure that this corridor is protected, as well. So even if this house loses heritage status, other bylaws will still be in the way.

There are densification opportunities but razing a near-100-year-old urban neighborhood isn't a priority. In fact, there are parking garage opportunities nearby on the LRT corridor, and you should focus development/densification priorities elsewhere. There is a lot of ways to make a profit as a developer, but this corner plot is not the best move.

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