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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted November 27, 2015 at 13:18:45

Regardless of the architectural features, regardless of the actual construction firm that originally built the house and regardless if it should be given an historic designation or not, its a fine home and you are taking it down to build a parking lot. This is not a fight against what possibly could be new an thriving neighborhood store or business, generating noise and traffic. Its not a fight where a greater number of newer more affordable homes is being proposed, slightly changing the built environment of a community. It will be a flat piece of land with a possibly concrete structure on it, that will house cars.

I don't live in Hamilton however, I have actually been to St. Joseph's before and you are right, it could use more parking. But, there are many other places in the area where a large capacity parking facility could be built. Yes, at very much higher price but also at very much higher vehicle handling capacity. Let's face it, parking lots are not exactly an endangered species in Hamilton. A possible extension to the A Line LRT project is a great start for better access. But wipe out a perfectly good home in a fine looking neighborhood regardless of its relative wealth, for a parking lot, no! You build communities for people not cars.

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