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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted November 30, 2015 at 10:42:08

One thing that hasn't seen much discussion is the "ring road" itself. It's no secret that the reason that Garth takes traffic down the escarpment is that the linc is backed up where it ends at the 403. If we're going to add capacity to Hamilton's ring road, this seems like a far more appropriate place to add it than the Linc/Red Hill.

I mean, it should be obvious - the eastbound 403 is 2 lanes. The Linc is 2 lanes. The Red Hill is 2 lanes. Everything is at least 2 lanes... except:

1 lane ramp from Linc to 403

This is backed up every day. 2 lanes of 403 and 2 lanes of Linc become 2 lanes of 403 and 1 lane of Linc, then 2 lanes period.

This is also a reason that widening the Linc will accomplish diddly-squat, just like keeping Aberdeen 4 lanes wide doesn't actually do much for congestion when the congestion is caused by the Queen/Aberdeen intersection.

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