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By JasonL (registered) | Posted December 01, 2015 at 19:04:44 in reply to Comment 115288

if we continue to allow our infrastructure to exist only for cars, in 15 years every trip on every kind of street will be horrid. Developing a balanced network means thousands of people will choose to bike, walk or use transit.

Was there a massive crash on your trip today? I make that Dundas to Queen trip all the time at that time of day and just fly right along.

I've never seen normal city rush hour in Hamilton in my 38 years here. There's one known short bottleneck in Hamilton: the one lane ramp from Linc to 403. Otherwise, it's full throttle 24-7

We have to remember: there's a reason LA just announced massive policy changes that will PRIORITIZE transit, bikes and pedestrians going forward. If Whiteheads' cars-only concept of city-building worked, L.A. would be the world's leading city for transportation expertise and planning advice. Instead, the rest of the world laughs at them as they sit in their cars.

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