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By JasonL (registered) | Posted December 02, 2015 at 17:42:30

I'm stunned that Hamilton continues to roll out these street reconstruction plans from the late 80's instead of updating standards in order to help create a more resilient city. I met with one of the big wigs in water/waste-water a number of years ago and I'm sure he almost fell asleep as I explained what sidewalk rain gardens/bioswales are.

We've rebuilt Concession, James N, King in Stoney Creek, Barton in Stoney Creek, West 5th and Cannon East without a SINGLE rain garden, and virtually no new trees. With all we know about urban heat island, and storm water run-off, how is this even possible?

Interestingly, there are bioswales on the West Harbour GO plaza. Not planned or designed in Hamilton. Again, something that is becoming commonplace around the continent will take decades, if ever, to appear here.

Here's what NYC has done in regards to green streets:

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