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By JohnnyHamont (registered) | Posted December 04, 2015 at 14:22:31

Vision Zero is based on four principles:

Ethics: Human life and health are paramount and take priority over mobility and other objectives of the road traffic system Responsibility: providers and regulators of the road traffic system share responsibility with users; Safety: road traffic systems should take account of human fallibility and minimize both the opportunities for errors and the harm done when they occur; and Mechanisms for change: providers and regulators must do their utmost to guarantee the safety of all citizens; they must cooperate with road users; and all three must be ready to change to achieve safety.

Other principles were added to Vision Zero in order to ensure that motorists would comprehend the full extend of the movements purpose:

Traffic deaths and injuries are preventable; therefore, none are acceptable. ·People will make mistakes; the transportation system should be designed so those mistakes aren’t fatal. ·Safety is the primary consideration in transportation decision-making. Traffic safety solutions must be addressed holistically.

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