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By JasonL (registered) | Posted December 07, 2015 at 10:42:38

Well said.

You also forgot to mention Mr Whiteheads motion going before council this week asking staff to build all new roads with MORE car capacity than the current standard. Yes, you read that right. In one of the most dangerous cities in the province where its absolutely very easy to do 90 on most Mountain Accesses during our laughable 'rush hour', a councillor wants us to build our roads WIDER than we already do, to encourage even more speeding, death and destruction.

If we adopt Vision Zero in Hamilton is will absolutely require us to do the opposite: start building roads with more transit-only, bike and pedestrian capacity and LESS car capacity. Undoing the damage of the last 50 years means we need to prioritize the long-ignored modes of transport for a few decades, not add more car capacity.

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