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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted December 07, 2015 at 20:44:14

Another idea that came up in recent discussion is how to divide traffic between Main and King in an LRT era, with Main possibly being 2-way.

There came a situation of, "where is the safest place for bike lanes"? And one scenario (long shot, crazy) is to make King a car-free corridor all the way from Gage to downtown. LRT, cycle track, and wider sidewalks.

This seems to be more doable in a second-cycle revitalization once enough traffic is diverted into LRT and it's also extended to Eastgate/Stoney Creek and up mountain to Mohawk/StJoes.

This might be too much of an ask initially but it could be designed as a bikable smooth-brick road (if budget allows) that can have car-free Sundays or once a year initially, ramping up to official 24/7/365 car-free status (on King between downtown and Delta/Gage Park) by 2040s or thereabouts, in the long term transition to people taking other means of transport. It would honestly need to move lots of people by LRT first for it to be a feasible ask, given the ongoing political difficulty of removing crosstown car lanes from Hamilton. But I wanted to bring this idea/concept up -- the crazy idea of a car-free King street all the way to Gage Park!

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