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By Bradford Hovinen (anonymous) | Posted September 10, 2007 at 10:07:48

I'd agree that cycling in Europe feels much more pleasant than cycling in Canada or the United States, though I think that's more a result of the attitudes of motorists than of the cycling infrastructure. I find that motorists here treat me worse when I cycle carefully, in safety, and follow the rules of the road meticulously than when I don't (or, rather, didn't -- I always follow the rules of the road nowadays). This is because so many of them refuse to recognize cyclists as legitimate road users. My friends from Europe are appalled when they see what motorists here get away with doing. The kinds of behaviour I see every day here in Canada are simply not tolerated over there.

An all-out effort to change motorists' attitudes and behaviours -- and *really* hold them accountable for their driving -- would, in my view, do much more to make cycling safer and more enjoyable than installing bike infrastructure.

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