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By JasonL (registered) | Posted December 23, 2015 at 09:57:31

love this piece. The numbers aren't an exact science I know. Would have been interesting perhaps to see 'opening day' numbers for all projects.

Interesting however to consider that the Cannon Cycle track can see it's usage skyrocket many times over without costing the city any more money. The cost per user would drop dramatically as ridership grows.

RHVP and Linc however, with the current ridership are seeing some councillors want to spend $100 million or more to add a lane.
In other words, as usage grows, the price is driven way up and the cycle is endless.

We want our road capacity to remain as stable as possible while growing cycling, walking and transit usage as much as possible for the best financial outcome.

Of course, in reality here in the Hammer, city hall makes all modes virtually unusable and unsafe except for driving and perpetuates our financial straits with their poor planning.

Instead of spending the most on the modes that will cost the least in the decades to come, we spend the most on the mode that will need the most $ in the future.

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