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By RobF (registered) | Posted December 24, 2015 at 09:50:58 in reply to Comment 115817

Agree. One trip up to the Ancaster Meadows or the power centre off Mud Street/RHVP and you can see the problem with the car-centric mobility paradigm. The problem is the built form is now in place and it works against every other mode of mobility.

Fortunately, in the lower city much of the built form is pre-automotive and has been mangled to adapt to the needs of mass automobility. It can be scaled back, but it's like weaning an addict off drugs ... the Cannon Cycle track and SoBi are proof-of-concept projects.

The real challenge is figuring out how best to extend a system of cycle-tracks so a wider range of origins and destinations are connected in a way that current "marginal" riders feel is safe enough and convenient enough to make the modal shift (an old-hat argument on RTH, I know) ... the interim step is not necessarily getting "marginal" users to go car free, but substitute more KMs driven to cycling (or transit-riding or walking). Do that and the real cost of driving and its related infrastructure becomes apparent.

In fact, the puzzle is why councillors from the mountain, Stoney Creek, and Ancaster don't see already that the congestion in their areas is incredible compared to the lower city ... why? not because we lack density or potential demand for road space, but because we have a somewhat more favourable modal split ...

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