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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted September 11, 2007 at 13:52:28

That last point is key! (and yet it seems like such basic common sense...). We should enforce the laws based on the impact of breaking them. Otherwise all we do is collect fines.

I could harp on about how the police is set up as a business (have you noticed how police seem to target speeding motorists based on their ability to catch the largest volumes, rather than on the relative danger of the targetted stretch of road...?!) but that would be missing the point (but only a little - I'm sure cycling law enforcement is somewhat based on the same business revenue model...)

The point about cycling proficiency is spot on too. I am always amazed at how North American cyclists move into the road to go around a car without looking. Looking back before moving out is a basic manoeuvre (although it wasn't passed on to me by my parents, I just learned from watching other UK cyclists)

So some level of training/eductation and properly targetted enforcement seems to be the way ahead. Along with a decent infrastructure.

Maybe when we're done with that we can build some roundabouts so that I can stand around laughing while all the North Americans try to use them :)

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