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By jason (registered) | Posted September 11, 2007 at 18:47:15

as a follow up on this, the Spectator website has had a poll question for the past 2 days asking whether people think council should force heritage building owners to maintain their buildings in order to prevent demolition by neglect. Not suprisingly, 77% of people have said 'yes'. Anyone blessed with the gift of eyesight can see what a negative effect this has on our city and our image. It's pretty bad when city council stands in the way of tidying up the city a little. As the city staff report said "this bylaw will only affect a few properties since most do a good job of maintaining their properties". Apparently city council finds it charming to have a few derelict buildings around town. I guess we wouldn't want outsiders to think we've cleaned up our act entirely. Or could it be deeper than that?? perhaps the suburban councillors have determined to stand in the way of Hamilton truly turning around and becoming prosperous again....

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