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By jason (registered) | Posted September 12, 2007 at 22:00:54

If they're so scared to deal with area rating, then let's do the next best thing and apply it across the board. Between 30-40% of downtown residents don't own a car in Hamilton. They should be allowed to skip the portion of their tax bill that deals with road construction and maintenance. Could you imagine the outcry in the burbs if that ever happened?
Yet, that is exactly what has happened with transit. I don't care if a single bus never rolls into Waterdown. They should still have to pay the same amount towards transit that I do. I have neighbours downtown who have never set foot (or wheel) on the the Linc and will never have any reason to use Red Hill.
Why is it that the downtown neighbourhoods have to pay higher taxes than anywhere else in the city and the richer suburbs continue to be subsidized by us?? Most folks in the burbs make their money in downtown Hamilton and then leave the core each day on newly built roads and highways paid for by downtown residents who never use them. Fair is fair. If the burbs want area rating so bad, let's get it on and do it right.

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