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By joejoe (anonymous) | Posted February 25, 2016 at 09:46:12

"I regularly beat my friends who took taxis to our destinations, and unless it was a long journey along a subway line, I was always confident that I would always arrive before I would have if I had taken transit."

I used to enjoy racing my wife's cab back after a night out in Toronto. I won every time ;)

"I'm more careful about selecting my route, and my heart beats a little quicker when I'm on a busy street without bike lanes, even when I'm not riding any faster."

After hitting my 40's and having kids I gave up unprotected streets like Queen and King. Even the new bike lanes on Adelaide need special care due to the lack of poles around corners (cars don't always look before they turn...). The safe routes I can take in Toronto are very limited. Until they get a fully segregated fully integrated network my heart will always be stopping at some point.

Thx for the article!

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