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By highasageorgiapine (registered) | Posted March 01, 2016 at 12:57:03 in reply to Comment 116689

the area rating issue is very frustrating. i can empathize with individuals in flamborough, for instance, in their argument as to why they should pay for transit they will not have service for (ignoring the fact we all pay for everything else like massive lane extensions etc., but that's a can of worms). by getting rid of area rating i think a lot of barriers to expanding service both in terms of volume on existing routes and to new routes would be resolved.

i don't think blaming the lack of transit on councilors of the suburban wards really is helpful. we need to view the city and it's people as a community. piecemeal planning by ward is expensive and would create a fragmented system. not to mention that participation rates for municipal elections is low, seeing as how low income individuals have a lower participation rate than average anyways for numerous reasons i don't feel their voices are represented in government.

i can agree that seeing a working system would help people consider switching. i can only hope that the city diverts resources no longer needed due to LRT to servicing some of the awful mountain routes, rather than the more likely hamilton thing to do which would be to just place that money elsewhere.

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