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By mountain66 (registered) | Posted March 03, 2016 at 15:03:58

While I think one way to two way works on some streets I am not sure it is the solution for all. While my daughter attended Queen's in Kingston we had plenty of opportunities to experience their vibrant downtown area. It has many non chain type stores and an great variety of local restaurants as well. It also has a system of one way streets that due to the width available would be impossible to convert even if you wanted to. What they have done is put in traffic calming, much safer bike lanes with locking locations available, as well as widening the sidewalks making lots of room for outdoor patios. We often wonder if this approach would have worked better on James Street South. I would challenge anyone to feel safe cycling on James South, also the sidewalks are narrow and the east side in really bad shape and with the number of scooters using the sidewalks you often have to step off out of the way. (To be fair in my opinion John Street does work as 2 ways.) Had James Street South been left one way it would have been possible to use the approach Kingston used,traffic calming, wider sidewalks, a usable bike lane, possibly a separate bus lane and parking on one side at least. Cannon, Markland & Hunter Streets are all one way with marked safe bike lanes, I am not sure where there would be room if they were 2 way.

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