Comment 11677

By Frank (registered) | Posted September 13, 2007 at 12:53:01

What if a cyclist pops out into traffic at an intersectiong causing a rather large accident. I suppose it should've been the driver in the car avoiding that right? Anything is extrememly dangerous in the hands of the incompetent. An incompetent cyclist can cause just as much damage as an incompetent motorist however, sadly, it's rarely the cyclist that gets damaged. I try to cycle regularly and I'm sick of ignorance on both sides of the debate. Proper education is a must on both ends of the spectrum.
Btw, if a pedestrian steps out into traffic and someone avoids him and in the process hits another vehicle, the motorists insurance covers that. If a cyclist hits a pedestrian and said individual loses mobility or wages or both, who pays? It's an out of pocket expense unless the cyclist has a conscience.... hardly fair to the person who got hit. Obviously premiums would be lower because the monetary value involved is much less however there should be some sort of reimbursement.

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