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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 05, 2016 at 08:34:02 in reply to Comment 116839

I strongly support Rolston's efforts to calm their streets and make their neighbourhood more comfortable and safer for residents to bike and cycle. And I want my Councillor to support these changes when they go to council.

Could you now please just say:

'Although I myself never felt unsafe, most people who actually live there support calmer more complete streets, so I will support their efforts too'.

An attitude like that would go a long way to having all parts of the city working together, rather than accepting that some areas have more right to the sorts of streets they want than others. No neighbourhoods should be 'sacrifice zones' for traffic flow!

I don't see why Garth, Mohawk, W5th, and the Linc in the upper City are any more dangerous and uncomfortable for residents than Main, Queen, Wentworth and the 403 in the lower city. All these streets are uncomfortable and dangerous to pedestrians, especially the connections between the freeways and the city streets.

As others have pointed out, when asked, residents in all parts of the City want safe, comfortable streets that are good for all road users in their own neighbourhoods. This came out strongly in the 2007 Transportation Master Plan and is one of the reasons accommodation for pedestrians became routine with the adoption of the Pedestrian Mobility Plan in 2013:

when streets are reconstructed for infrastructure repair, replacement, upgrades and/or civic streetscape improvements, pedestrian improvements will be incorporated as part of the overall project

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