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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted March 06, 2016 at 08:33:59

In fact, the suburbs are changing and for the better. Certain suburbanites are figuring out their built form has been slowly squeezing them financially and are having troubles. The older suburbs that were new in the 50's & early to mid 60's are now finding that they need new sewers and pipes under their roads. They are also finding that they want the nice walkable atmosphere of the lower city (the anti car feeling that some of the road warriors on this site have called it) because the majority living these older suburbs are older and they are close to loosing the drivers licenses. Believe me, the insurance companies want to start taking those cars away as early as 68 years old. There are just too many seniors causing too many accidents that cost too much money to fix. This lights the fire under the feet, so to speak, of a lot of people that now realize they will be pedestrians and transit users in a big way very soon. Thus, the ability to walk and bike comfortably on or near streets that have traffic moving at safer slower speeds. As well as having proper well designed bus stops that make getting on transit easier. When the city finally gets around to fixing those pipes and underground services those suburbanites know the roads will be ripped up and the new road in its place will have fewer lanes, more space for cycling and pedestrians and they will push for a lot more neighborhood services and stores they can walk too. It will happen slowly, but it will happen those people will have a lot of power.

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