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By SW (anonymous) | Posted March 08, 2016 at 10:51:50

In many jurisdictions vehicles by law must stop when a pedestrian is at waiting to cross at a legal crosswalk (that does not have a traffic signal which then takes precedence). This is also the courteous thing to do considering pedestrians do not have a steel cage protecting them. It does not matter if the crosswalk is marked or not. This includes, depending on the jurisdiction, all intersections, anywhere in a school zone, wherever a pathway intersects a road, and/or anywhere in a parking lot.

I was horrified with the behaviour of most drivers towards pedestrians when I first moved to Ontario. Now I am pleasantly surprized when I go elsewhere and drivers actually yield to pedestrians. I for one always yield and kudos to the other drivers that do. Shame on those drivers who do not.

I think that it is time for Ontario to get with in and change the law. Everyone will be safer and perhaps more drivers will become pedestrians.

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