Comment 116967

By StephenBarath (registered) | Posted March 11, 2016 at 09:25:00 in reply to Comment 116963

It seems bizarre to me to pay extra in taxes to contribute to a slush fund that can be deployed however the councillor cares, and then be used as an excuse by other councillors as to why my part of the city should not receive funding for regular infrastructure projects.

It’s nice that a few of the wards use participatory process to decide how the money is spent. I think they try hard to make it as broadly engaging as possible, but that’s a tall order and I’m not sure how well volunteers can be expected to do it.

I agree with Viv’s conclusion that it’s time to “uncheck the box,” especially as Wards 1-8 include many residents least able to afford extra taxation. Some of the projects funded by through this slush fund have been regular infrastructure that a city should be providing- things like crossing lights. The wealthiest residents of the City get “their” crosswalks paid for through general revenue- the poorest have to pay for them through a special levy. That makes no sense.

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