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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted September 14, 2007 at 23:08:41

Air freight is the candidate for the chopping block, not so much passenger aircraft.

MOdern jets are actually not bad for fuel economy, check out this article:

There is concern about where the emissions are released, jets being worse for climate considerations apparently.

Big difference between modern passenger planes and the cargo jets at Munro. listen to the difference in engine noise between westjet 737-700s and the typical cargo jet, which is old and worth maybe 5% of the new Boeing. Huge. Aircraft engineers are bright guys. Truck engineers on the other hand...

Also, if you can get a low angle view, the brown exhaust trail from cargo jets on take off is not present on new passenger jets.

Interesting story from an ex-pilot, pre 2001 Canada 3000 had the most modern fleet around, all new planes that were so much more fuel efficient than the old ones that is was cheaper for them to lease these $100M new planes with lower operating costs than to buy $5M old ones.

Good idea, until the planes are no longer full. Then you have a cash flow problem, that's why they went under.

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