Comment 117123

By Dee Niall (anonymous) | Posted March 22, 2016 at 10:08:10 in reply to Comment 117116

Of course! I've seen the light now! Because people like Don and many others waste our money standing in the way of what I want, by trying to protect the environment or something. Why do we want to do that? Who needs clean air, water, nah we can do without right? Trees? irrelevant. Climate change is obviously not true because Don and many others benefit so much from fighting it right? So much money and prestige, they are the top of society because of the time they take trying to steer our community from harmful actions like polluting and environmental destruction. Because in the end it's all about money right? And its electronic now too so you don't even need trees! Money and convenience. If I can clear cut through a valley to make my commute 5 minutes faster its totally worth it. I am sure technology will clean up my water and provide oxygen somehow in the future so there is no need to try and stop "progress"! Oh and of course, since I disagree with someone once, I can blame everything on them and disregard anything they say. It's my right, am I right? Ya, you tell em' Charles! I too will ignore Climate Change because I didn't like the Red Hill Controversy and blame it all on the machinations of Don MacLean and he says Climate change is real so it can't be. I was just looking for the perfect excuse to ignore it all and do nothing. Thanks!

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