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By The other Rinky Dink news source (anonymous) | Posted September 15, 2007 at 11:03:21

From one of the "other" Rinky Dink News sources, Radio is not yet dead in Hamilton... if the more curious tuned into cfmu you would be hearing some alternative news that covers this particular area.... not all the shows on cfmu 93.3 fm are for the "kids" - it is also a community radio station.

For "the Other Side" of the news tune in on tuesdays at noon.

And for the record, there are some local reporters that do get news into CBC Radio one and CBC TV.

The only radio station that carried news out of the Red Hill Valley, was CBC one. When all reporters were banned from the area, grass roots independents were doing a fine job of getting behind the lines and sending the story to CBC. Some stories aired Nationally.

Grass Roots and independent media are the new media - just check out the affect YouTube had on our municipal election.

There are other sources of news locally besides web and paper, there is audio, that also gets posted Nationally.

the Other Side indeed...

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