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By DowntownInHamilton (registered) | Posted March 22, 2016 at 19:27:53

I was in university when the RHVP was approved and getting ready to begin construction. I had an urban geography course and used the RHVP for the basis of a paper, about whether mid-century road design should apply to current day. I spoke with Don, the City, and others for their input. I recall the paper came out to something like "the road is necessary, but not the way it's been implemented". Thinking back now, I think that still rings true.

The Red Hill has moved a lot of truck traffic off of our downtown roads and onto the 403, Linc and RHVP (what it was supposed to do). It has also made accessibility easier, since I can now reach the east end without having to drive through the lower city to get from A to B. But it's also led to massive sprawl, ridiculous driving (how many drivers have been tagged with stunt driving in the past couple of months since active enforcement has resumed?). It has super inadequate lighting, inferior safety (limited guardrails, nothing to slow you down if you were to go into the median, flooding, etc), and destroyed an ecosystem (flooding, dead trees all along the roadway, trash everywhere).

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