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By Alex Patgrose (anonymous) | Posted March 23, 2016 at 11:09:59

I have shared my experience of abuse at the end on this article on The Rabble. Not unusually, someone responded with all the usual blaming, shaming, belittling, condescending and put-downs.
- "like most "men", I look for tools and fixes, not only contributing commiseration and comfortable emotional nodding. "
- "I taught my daughter to keep a physically small bound journal, one with numbered pages to ensure it has not been tampered with. A couple minutes a day is all it takes"
- "Sad story for sure. "not wanting to involve the police"... mistake number one"
- "but generally people get to choose who they marry or cohabit with"
- "we also can't simply claim unfettered victimhood, especially when making adult choices"
- "at the end here, not sure what message or benefit you hoped would come from telling rabble readers your story"
- "All perspective and "tools" I offered were belittled and sidestepped as inadequate or unavailable to have avoided your predicament"
- "good luck, but don't look for any help from "men like me" with the bias baggage you've decided to carry"
- "If you don't want me to think about solutions, say so right up front. That way I know just to sit back and let you get on with saying whatever is on your mind if it makes you feel better. But don't come back with a question at the end and wonder why I say... "gee, I don't know, that really is a problem..."
- "But if you don't follow my advice (and that of a long line of experts), don't whine when you end up where we tried to avoid you ending up."

It is pretty ironic to be at the receiving end of psychological abuse (put-downs) in the comment section of an article on abuse against women ... Here is the link if someone wants to leave comments of their own... The Rabble, March 16 2016, The War at Home' intimate, stark portrayal of Canada's domestic violence epidemic

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