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By mountain66 (registered) | Posted March 28, 2016 at 09:21:13 in reply to Comment 117263

I thought the practice of divisive politics went out with Harper. Comparing 400 series highways to city streets is really 2 separate issues. Most of the 400 series highways were designed with speed limits of 70 MPH, they were lowered in the '70s during the Oil crisis to save fuel, not for safety reasons. The speed limit in town was converted from 30 MPH to 50 KPH. You can find numerous studies that endorse raising the limit to 120 KPH, which is slightly faster than 70 MPH. You will never find a study that recommends raising the in town limit.CBC marketplace recently featured the issue and showed that BC has already gone that route as well as a number of US states.Keep in mind most cars in the '70s had non-powered drum brakes and skinny nylon tires, compare that to a car today with 4 wheel disc brakes, radial tires and ABS. While on vacation in Italy I drove many kilometres on their Autostrada system with a speed limit of 130 KPH, it is enforced with photo radar that is clearly visible with warning signs starting 1000 metres away, not like the sneaky radar we have here. I seldom saw cars going over 130 KMH and if I did they usually had German plate symbols. There is also a very stiff fine for passing on the right and the left lane was usually clear. They also lowered the limit to 90 KPH in the rain and overhead signs warned of the change with universal symbols that made it obvious in any language.

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