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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 28, 2016 at 13:25:49 in reply to Comment 117302

It would make a of sense to increase the speed limit on 400-series highways to 120 or 130 and enforce it strictly (i.e. at 5km/h over). Lower the speed to 110km/h in rain as in France. Currently, everyone knows the "real" speed limit is something between 120 and 130 and average speeds are close to 120 km/h (has anyone been pulled over for doing 110km/h?) and some people think it is much faster. Even the police drive well over the posted 100 km/h limit.

These highways exclude cyclists and pedestrians, are controlled access and are engineered for high speeds. And separate opposite direction lanes.

This notional 100km/h speed limit that everyone ignores brings speed limits as a whole into disrespect which is terrible for urban areas which have a mix of vulnerable road users (cyclists and pedestrians) and where there are many possibilities for conflict. Unfortunately, some of these urban streets have been designed for high speeds (for motorists) but this just makes them dangerous for pedestrians.

On the other hand, the default speed in urban areas should be 30km/h (as is the case in downtown Toronto) with higher speeds (say 40km/h) only on arterial streets with buffers between pedestrians and traffic (not just a 1.5m sidewalk next to traffic as parts of Main Street downtown).

Given all the stops and starts in urban areas (and congestion), combined with shorter trips, a decrease of 50 km/h to 30 km/h wouldn't make a huge difference in total trip time in most cases.

I agree that passing on the right should be prohibited (and driving in the left lane when there is space in the right lane) should be prohibited.

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