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By Randy Boehm (anonymous) | Posted September 17, 2007 at 02:22:28

An important point made several times above is that drivers, auto & cycle need to know the rules of the road. It is safer when everyone knows what to expect and how to react. One method of educating cyclists would be to require that they get a "cycling class drivers" license which requires that they must demonstrate that they are aware of the rules and safe practises on the roads. Educating drivers is more difficult. Once they have their driver's license they are not tested again and have little incentive to take the time to learn how to behave around cyclists other than because of concern for others.

A method to interesting drivers in learning how to share the roads safely with cyclists would be to give them a discount on their insurance rates if they have a cyclist level drivers license. This is reasonable. A driver that knows how to behave around cyclists is less apt to get in an accident involving cyclists and is less of a risk to insure. (For this method of education to work the saving in insurance cost would need to be significantly greater than the cost of getting a cyclist level driver's license).

As a cyclist I dislike the idea of needing to get a cyclist level driver's license because I dislike being regulated and especially because I dislike the idea that a bureaucrat could take away my right to cycle. At the same time a method of educating all users of the roads to safer practises is needed. I am conflicted here. (Another alternative would be to reduce the speed limit in cities to 30 km/hr, at which speed cyclists (& elderly) could manouver with considerably greater safety, but such a concept could never be accepted here in NA).

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