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By haveacow (registered) | Posted April 01, 2016 at 07:59:14

Actually, considering the growls and grunts Councilor Whitehead normally spews out regarding subjects like LRT, I think that his, Raise The Hammer "and Sickle" comment is quite clever, for him anyway! I have worked in the urban planning and transportation planning industry for a long time now. Councilor Whitehead is a right winger however, I can say with 100% certainty that, whether he was left, right or in the centre of the political spectrum, he and people like him have no idea what good urban planning is. He also has no idea what the development industry or modern big business (the kind Hamilton desperately needs) wants or desires. Quite frankly, he should be nowhere near or involved with the decision making process for development in your city. He believes in a development model that is thankfully, dying across North America and he is desperate to hold back something like LRT because it would clearly show how out of touch he really has become. He is trying desperately to remain relavent and is frankly and graphicly showing what kind of world and era he truly prefers. He neither agrees or wants to understand why LRT combined with "commie, leftist and granola munching" concepts like "smart growth" and "complete streets" are the future and far better for the city and ward he represents. He is a dinosaur from another era that, sees the changes around him and is so scared, is so clueless as to what to do about them, all he can is continue screaming into the wind, to try and stop them. The only problem is that he is an elected offical, completely out of touch, but he has been elected and in this present position, that makes him very dangerous towards any positive, forward looking developments in Hamilton.

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