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By RobHammer (anonymous) | Posted April 12, 2016 at 19:46:23

While I think the issues is huge here are some thoughts from someone that needed the assistance briefly in his life:

1. It is meant as a temporary financial assistance, increasing it will almost certainly increase durations of people being on it.

2. Obviously there is no way it can be raised enough to compensate for the excessive cost of living we have around us.

3. My napkin math tells me that even if you increased the amount to cover off the average 2 bedroom rent cost, nothing is solved and only new problems arise. What good is paying for rent if you cannot afford the most basic amenities and food. So in that example an increase of say $400 per month does nothing except increase Hamilton's 48,000 people's costs by $19.2 million and get's landlords / renter money.

If you want to discuss how to really deal with things:

A. Hamilton needs real jobs and some varieties of them to help people. The first thing they try and do when you are on assistance is to force you to work in a position outside of your field at a call center. Are there no other jobs in Hamilton?

B. The focus of companies purchasing low end properties and investing a quick $40k into them to reach out to Toronto renter's needs to be somewhat managed better and more inexpensive housing needs to make a comeback and I am not speaking of Ontario housing. I mean incentivize companies by offering them a one time subsidy based on an agreement that they set the rent very low and keep it that way for "x" years.

While I am mildly curious about how you plan on tackling this issue I really wonder what your plan is and why its not at least hinted at here?

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