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By Anonymous Adam (anonymous) | Posted April 19, 2016 at 16:10:15

I think there is more NON working poor then WORKING poor in this city. And in that case the NON working poor is living in the same place they always lived in and it passes on from generation to generation. They will never leave until they sell the home they bought for $20 000 20 years ago, to a Toronto hipster who wants to ride his bike to GO to spend all his time and money in a city he does not live in because its cheaper to live here...but for a $450 000 profit. These newcomers don't come here because of how awesome this city is, they come here to live because they cant afford to live where they came from, and its ruining the affordability of the city.
I will leave it to you guys to clean up lower Hamilton. Ill drive my vehicles and live in the quiet backyard a plenty area called the Mountain.

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