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By keithbeck (registered) | Posted April 19, 2016 at 19:02:17

One issue left out from the article was the mention in the federal budget of a goal for the national housing strategy for the social housing sector to become self-reliant.

As the article points out there have been many recent steps toward increasing affordability. Finding feasible implementations locally will define how much progress to the goal of affordable housing for all the community we will attain. In my attempts to understand how local leadership thinks, I found them fixated on using the issue to gain more funding from senior levels of government when all signals point to this being ever more difficult. And blinded to opportunities to increase housing affordability by looking at the housing market of the community as a whole and how we may make injections to that market by policy.

To me that blinkered perspective is the most limiting factor to achieving more of the goal of affordable housing locally.

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