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By GWW (registered) | Posted April 20, 2016 at 20:24:01 in reply to Comment 117755

Hamilton has a range of privately built housing, ranging from newer projects in the suburbs, existing housing stock at a range of price points from less desirable homes in the north end to housing in the southwest, to condos now in the downtown core, and large quantity of apartments near the core.

If you are talking about social housing, the hard costs of building social housing, consisting of building costs, land, and soft costs such as development fees, architectural, engineer, various studies, OMB appeals, legal fees,interim financing, etc., all add up to something that is not affordable. Social Housing is heavily dependent on subsidies.

The big issue who is going to provide the subsidies, generally either the provincial or federal government.

If the City is looking for a local subsidy, or means of addressing this problem, perhaps they need to offer deals with developers to increase density, in exchange for cash or a certain percentage of units to be built and geared to income. Increasing zoning density, can if a project is designed properly be a win win for the City and Developer.

As for car free neighbourhoods, this doesn't sound very realistic. How do fire trucks, or ambulances reach such a neighbourhood, or how do you handle renovations with material and equipment deliveries? (Or Pizza delivery?) Downtown Hamilton does have Condos where parking is not necessarily provided.

Roads are a social benefit for all. Think of that the next time you buy your groceries, and fresh produce.

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