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By GWW (registered) | Posted April 23, 2016 at 08:28:13 in reply to Comment 117791

Condo developers will build what will sell. Once you get to a three bedroom unit, you are approaching the cost of a low end SFH or a townhouse, at that point most people would prefer SFD or a townhouse.

The supply side of social housing is dependent on subsidies. When you look at some of the issues in Hamilton, where there are vacant social housing units, how much as a society do we spend? We have federal and provincial governments both running deficits. The city has limited financial wherewithal. The City however controls Zoning/density which can create windfalls for developers or owners of property. The City needs to consciously skim off some of these potential windfalls, that only they can create, and direct it towards social housing.

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