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By DavidHamilton (anonymous) | Posted April 25, 2016 at 14:03:04

Yeah, I guess. But it's been years of this back and forth. In a perfect world, all of the buildings would be restored and a new gap filled in and all would be well and dandy, but I'd rather see a new and useful building in our core than wait another 10 years of people fighting change. Sometimes you've got to lose something in order to gain even more. In the case of these buildings, I'd say the city as a collective is ready to move on.

"It is a gross arrogance to acquire historic properties and allow them to lie vacant and to crumble under your watch - to shrug, 'they're mine now and I can do what I want with them!'"

Maybe, but it's their money. If they're willing to spend cash on rebuilding the lot into something that not only is a useful and modern property, but puts this chapter to rest, I'm happy.

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