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By Frank (registered) | Posted September 19, 2007 at 14:23:26

Ok, then I can argue that if I never get into an accident (meaning my cost to the justice system is $0) I shouldn't have to pay insurance either. I think that Randy's idea is good. Heck I'd go get a cyclist license if it lowered my insurance costs which I think are a crock anyway.

There has to be some way to educate people, both drivers and cyclists about proper use of the road and ENFORCE those rules. I mean, honestly, we lower the speed limit to 30 and how's going to enforce it? Drivers regularly driver well over the existing limits on all the roads and don't get caught. I've even see police officers doing it. (As an aside, I try to follow those officers and without breaking too many rules, do what they do then see if i get pulled over...tell the officer who pulled me over that I was doing exactly what the police car in front of me was doing. See what happens in court.) I hate it when people break the rules...turning without signals, turning into wrong lanes, driving to slow or to fast, cutting people off, making abrupt lane changes, being discourteous to other drivers....etc. But just yesterday I was on my way home and I actually stayed behind a cyclist as he approached an intersection (no bike lane) so that he wouldn't feel that I was trying to cut him off, only to have him turn onto the sidewalk and use the crosswalk to cross the road. There's no consistency in anyone's world anymore. Heck, if I turn from a left turn lane on a left turn light without my signal on I feel bad.
I have a killer proposal though. Let's build a big fence around downtown maybe Barton to Gage to the Mountain brow and out to Dundurn, and make everyone park outside the fence and bike, walk or take transit into the core. Or charge for entering downtown with a vehicle. Which brings another point up, why is our transit system so crappy? Forgive me for being cynical but I've cycled a very short distance to and from work and have had to avoid getting hit several times by ignorant drivers. I'm mad at both groups of people. There's no sense in getting more cyclists on the road when there is no desire on the part of motorists to share the road and while cyclists using the road don't have the knowledge necessary to navigate the roads with other modes of transport in safety.

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